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You've Been In Loved (Cover Version of George Michael)

More than 10 days, the pet store had been roasted like Kenny Roger's Roasted Chicken, I still dedicate this song to all the living beings perished away on Feb 4th 2017 around 5am in the morning with a sad ending.  Fortunately there are 8 birds survive and they are from the birdies lineage.  They release them and I am hoping they would happily go back to the nature with full freedom with a narrow escape from the roasted fire blasted from the neighborhood  shop lot.  

Most of our beloved animals were be caged and unable to escape included many rats, many breeds of PIGeons, Roosters, Chameleons (Veiled) , many other type of Birds, Chickens, Geese (Chinese Swan Goose), Gerbils, Guinea Fowl, Guinea Pigs,Hamsters, Iguanas, Mice, Hogs, Pigeons, Rabbits, Lizards, Ducks, Rabbits, and last was a huge Burmese Pythons with beautiful yellow golden skin.  Many of these beloved animals are dear to me and I always wanted to set all of them free.  Unfortunately I am unable to release all of them due financial position I am in right now.  Perhaps someday in the near future after I win one of the xfactor or BGT or AGT or the Voice.

May those who perished with roasted Fire, will reborn again with a better life or ended up in heaven above us after all they have paid back some of their bad kamma they have accumulated in their past lives.  So be mindful of our actions, speeches and our thoughts.  Be wise and also always act with good intention for all well living beings.  Your action might be bad in the eye of some people but if you have good intention, you still have create the good kamma for yourself.  An soldier might be killing EVIL PARASITES based on evil cult belief that harming humanity in general, he or she still be getting good kamma because his or her intention would protect humanity from these EVIL PARASITES in general.  

Peace at last after the FIRE ROASTED Day.

You've Been In Love

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If you unable to watch the video over youtube, please click You've Been In Love (Cover Version of George Michael).

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Published on Sep 30, 2015
Ref: 20150930-00051-2015071402-00000-SUNP0001
Recorded at Jerantut, Pahang, M'sia

If you unable to watch the video over this blog, please click You've Been In Love (Cover Version of George Michael).

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Special Attention my dear FOLKS ...
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FYI, The above link had been removed by the BLOODY EVIL PARASITES FUCKbook, due to their BLOODY lame excuses copySHIT law.  My cover songs have NO COMMERCIAL VALUE and I am only just a student learning to sing these songs and put that online so that my friends or anyone can comment on it so I can continue to improve my singing.  These EVIL BASTARDS removed my most favourite FUCKbook fan page on above link.

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Video Shot by Myself
Video Edited by Myself
"You've Been In Love  was originally sung by George Michael .
Written by: George Michael and David Austin.

Category: Music
License Standard: YouTube License
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You've Been In Love

From: Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia.
"You Have Been Loved" (George Michael/David Austin) / "The Strangest Thing '97" (George Michael) is a double A-side single by the dance-pop artist George Michael. Both songs are from his 1996 album Older. The single reached #2 on the UK charts, only behind Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" '97 charity single. The song was Michael's second double A-side single, after "Older / I Can't Make You Love Me", released the same year.

Two singles were released for the double A-side. The cover for the first shows Michael cross-legged on a black chaise longue in a room with brown-tiled walls. The cover for the second is just a close-up of the first cover, and does not show the chaise longue. The single version is referred to as "The Strangest Thing '97" instead of simply "The Strangest Thing" of the album version because the single version is a remixed/re-recorded, more up-tempo dance track.

Michael wrote the song about his lover, Anselmo Feleppa, who died of an AIDS-related illness in 1993.[1] Reviewing Michael in concert in 2012, in The Guardian's Dave Simpson wrote, "'Waiting for That Day' and 'You Have Been Loved' – dedicated to his late mother and lover and "all the other people who have been lost since this song was written" (in 1996) – are unusually moving."[2]


She takes the back road and the lane
Past the school that has not changed
In all this time
She thinks of when the boy was young
All the battles she had won
Just to give him life

That man
She loved that man
For all his life
But now we meet to take him flowers
And only God knows why

For what's the use in pressing palms
When children fade in mother's arms
It's a cruel world
We've so much to loose
And what we have to learn we rarely choose

So if it's God who took her son
He cannot be the one living in her mind

Take care my love, she said
Don't think that God is dead
Take care my love, she said

You have been loved

If I was weak, forgive me
But I was terrified
You brushed my eyes with angels wings, full of love
The kind that makes devils cry

So these days
My life has changed
And I'll be fine
But she just sits and counts the hours
Searching for her crime

So what's the use of pressing palms
If you won't keep such love from harm
It's a cruel world
You've so much to prove
And heaven helps the ones who wait for you

Well I've no daughters, I've no sons
Guess I'm the only one
Living in my life

Take care my love, he said
Don't think that God is dead
Take care my love, he said

You have been loved…


Published by
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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Taken on Feb 2nd, 2017

Taken on Feb 2nd, 2017

Taken on Feb 2nd, 2017

Taken on Feb 2nd, 2017

Taken on Feb 2nd, 2017

Feb 5th 2017 4pm

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